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With an user friendly interface anyone can be a data scientist on the Ethereum blockchain.
We aim to always stay up to date with the latest Geth and ElasticSearch, making sure your data flows are uninterrupted!
Using the commandline mode in the importer you are able to automate tasks using your favorite scripting language.
Ethereum client: Geth client 1.8.12+
Ethereum client: Infura client
Platform: Windows support
Platform: Unix support
Import: ElasticSearch 5/6+
Import: MongoDB 3.4.*
Import: Hazelcast 3.8+
Import: CQEngine
Import: into JVM heap
Interface: JavaFX GUI
Interface: command line
Options: block/tx range import

If you have any suggestions for improvements please open an issue in the github repository.


Start the application with any of the following,

java -jar .jar --import
java -jar .jar --gui
java -jar .jar --help

--import starts the importer from the configuration.
--gui starts the graphical user interface.

Please contact me if you have any questions, feedback, feature requests.. or anything else really.